What Is FAMLI?

The Family Arbitration and Mediation Legal Institute, or FAMLI, is a new association of lawyers and other professionals dedicated to helping individuals and families resolve their family law disputes outside of the court system through mediation and/or arbitration. For some, going to court is necessary, but family law lawyers and mental health professionals know that using litigation to resolve family law issues is expensive, time-consuming, and, too often, destructive.  There is a better way: using mediation and/or arbitration to come to resolutions consensually whenever possible, and where issues cannot be resolved by people with the help of a mediator, by having an arbitrator – a type of private decision-maker – make one or more decisions.

Mediation is an unregulated industry in Manitoba – in other words, anyone can call themselves a “mediator” whether or not they have the training or skills to help people resolve their family law matters.

FAMLI was created by a group of experienced family law lawyers and a psychologist to make it easier for individuals to find qualified mediators and arbitrators who understand family law and have the skills to practice family law mediation in a way that helps families, rather than contributing to the problem.

FAMLI has created minimum educational standards for mediators and arbitrators, so members of the public can be confident that when hiring a mediator or arbitrator listed on our rosters that they are hiring qualified mediators and arbitrators with the knowledge and experience to help you resolve your family law matters.

In addition, members of the public can find on FAMLI-affiliated counsel to provide legal advice, as well parenting coaches and accountants who are able to provide additional assistance throughout the mediation and/or arbitration process.

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