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The importance of early intervention on family disputes in a safe, private setting is more important than ever. FAMLI has been created with the intention of developing, coordinating, and providing ongoing family specific educational programming for legal, psychological, psychosocial and financial practitioners who assist families in resolving disputes.
Membership in FAMLI affords discounts on training, however, the greatest benefit to members of FAMLI is inclusion on one or more of our rosters:
  • Counsel
  • Mediators
  • Arbitrators
  • Family Therapists and Coaches
  • Financial Professionals
  • FAMLI sets minimum educational and experiential standards which must be met to be included on our rosters as Counsel, Mediators and Arbitrators.
  • Family Therapists and Coaches as well as Financial Professionals must be members in good standing of the regulatory body for their profession and have not less than five years’ of experience in their chosen field of expertise.


Lawyers in good standing with the Law Society of Manitoba, and who practice primarily in the area of family law may be included on roster for Counsel, providing a source of referrals and an opportunity to build a non-adversarial legal practice, providing they meet our experiential criteria for inclusion.


In order to be included on our roster, FAMLI-affiliated Mediators must meet criteria set by FAMLI, including:

  • Complete not less than 40 hours of Family Mediation training, or
  • Not less than 40 hours of Collaborative Law training with a mediation component, or not less than 40 hours of General Mediation training, AND not less than 15 hours of Advanced Family Mediation training;
  • Complete 15 hours of Domestic Violence Assessment training;
  • Satisfy one of the following:
    • Meet the requirements to be included on the roster for Counsel, or
    • Be a family therapist regulated by a professional body and have practiced in the area of family therapy who meets the criteria set by FAMLI.


In order to be listed on our roster, FAMLI-affiliated Arbitrators must meet criteria set by FAMLI including:

  • Meet all education requirements to be affiliated with FAMLI as a mediator;
  • Be a lawyer practicing primarily family law for at least 10 years;
  • Complete at least 40 hours of arbitration training in the area of Family Arbitration or 40 hours of general arbitration training and equivalent experience.


FAMLI is pleased to offer training in Family Mediation, Family Arbitration and Domestic Violence Assessment.

Registration for the inaugural Family Arbitration training offered by NFLAC is closed.


Fees for Membership: $395.00 per year

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